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dash1.jpg dash2.jpg dash3.jpg

This is a mock up of the firewall using cardboard. This method has
saved me a lot of time and material, 'cause I change my mind a bunch.
There was a majior change in the design from the first idea I had.

dash4.jpg dash5.jpg dash6.jpg

This is the inner frame work of the firewall. The hardest part was getting
four oval holes to line up for the steering column. Good thing cardboard
is cheap! This took about 3 weekends but finally got it.

dash7.jpg dash8.jpg dash9.jpg dash13.jpg
A couple photos of the dash. The guages are paper cutouts. Plans call
for Dakota Digital. Thats a long ways down the road and things could change
before then. The steering column is home made from stainless. As soon as the
steering wheel comes in I can cut the column to length. The wheel is an original
style T wheel. Shifter is Genie. Have used them for years and have never had any
problems whith them.

dash10.jpg dash11.jpg dash12.jpg
The firewall took some tricky metal forming. The only way I could
think of to form the corners was to do it in small strips. Looks a
little rough but after it was sanded and bondo was added, the final
results were not too bad. With a little more bondo and paint no one
will know the difference, 'cept me.