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Just a little more grinding and sanding before we can primer the frame
and axles. Next year a chrome front axle is planned.

100_0047.jpg 100_0048.jpg 100_0049.jpg 100_0050.jpg

100_0051.jpg 100_0052.jpg 100_0061.jpg

The following pictures are of me and my girlfriend Lisa, getting the
frame and various parts ready for primer.
(biceps looking good, abs need lots of work!)
LISA looks good all the time!!!

100_0063.jpg 100_0064.jpg 100_0065.jpg 100_0066.jpg

100_0067.jpg 100_0068.jpg 100_0069.jpg

The original color was going to be Teal, but we changed our minds at the last
minute and decided to go with a metalic silver. It looked good on the new
Chevy trucks. Thinking about doing the body in a silver and charcoal combination
but that is still several weeks away.

100_0071.jpg 100_0070.jpg 100_0078.jpg

Assembly pictures will be added as we put the parts together. Lisa polished
most of the stainless parts while I was busy with other stuff. There are still
lots of little parts like nuts and bolts and little brackets that need polished
as we go.
Panhardbar, radius rods and spring hangers were fabricated from stainless
by "roTTen" and polished by "LISA"

100_0072.jpg 100_0073.jpg 100_0074.jpg 100_0075.jpg
100_0076.jpg 100_0077.jpg 100_0079.jpg 100_0083.jpg
100_0081.jpg 100_0082.jpg

Pictures will be posted as we assemble more of the C-cab. Still have
lots to do before the July NTBA meet in Kansas. Gonna be close!