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body4.jpg body7.jpg body8.jpg

The floor and firewall are made from 11GA sheet metal(approx .125)
I originally was going to use 3/4" cabinet plywood. The wood was more
expensive and just a little heavier. Plus with metal I dont have to do
all that fiberglassing, which I hate. Bondo is much easier to work with.
The tubs give it a mini pro street look.

body9.jpg body5.jpg body6.jpg

With the floor and firewall finished, it was time to start on the frame work.
The frame is made from 1" square tubing. Dash and roll bars are 1 1/2 square tube.
To form the "C" on the sides I made a MICKEY-MOUSE home made square tube bender.
Using a hydraulic press, some heavy duty angle and a wheel adapted to the ram.
With a 3 pound sledge to pound on the end of the tube and jacking the wheel down
about 1/8" at a time the tubing forms very slowly. It took about 3700 hits with
the hammer to get the two "c's" formed.

body10.jpg body11.jpg body13.jpg

Here is the frame work for the body. Most of it is 1"sq tubing .062 wall.
The dash, rear of the seat and the rear uprights are 1 1/2 sq tube .187 wall.
So far I have used about 100 feet of 1" and about 40 feet of 1 1/2
The original plans called for the back to be opened, since then I have decided
to add doors.

body17.jpg body18.jpg body19.jpg
Here are the doors. Much better idea than being open. Keeps the dust from
comming in and all the picnic stuff from blowing out. Plus now there is
more room to haul home all those trophies I will win!
The white cardboard is a mock-up of the fuel cell. The battery sits to the
right of it, just below the small tool box.

body27.jpg body26.jpg body25.jpg
Finally got the skin on it. Still have lots of bondo and sanding to do.
At least it looks like something other than a skeleton. After it gets
primered I can set it back on the frame and start the wiring.

body28.jpg body29.jpg body30.jpg body31.jpg
Here it is on all fours. Been a long time comming but It's starting
to take shape. Cant wait to fire it up for the first time!!! Every one
that sees these pics tells me it looks like the "MUNSTER MOBILE".
Looks like a C-Cab to me. Outside of rear tires measures 86".