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susp4.jpg r0300030.jpg r0300029.jpg
The front axle was taken from my '59 chevy truck. Narrowed it 4". Thinking
about drilling holes to give it that Nostalgic look. Plans are to chrome it.
Tie rod and drag link (shown below) were machined from 3/4" stainless bar. Radius
rod bushing are machined from UHMW round stock. The front spring is a $15
swapmeet special.

susp1.jpg r0300023.jpg susp2.jpg
Rear axle is a 10 bolt chev.Havent figured out yet what gears to run.
Mickey's 33's and centerline wheels for the rear. As soon as I win
the lottery, a GMC-671 blower will be added. When that happens,
a 9" Ford will be needed as a replacement rearend. The panhard bar and
and radius rods are 1" diameter stainless. Heavy duty because of the
extra weight.(clothing optional sunbathing? something to do when not working
on the C-cab. AANR member)

susp3.jpg r0300031.jpg r0300032.jpg
'59 Chev truck spindles were machined to accept late model bearings.
Hubs, rotors, caliper brackets, and steering arm are machined from stainless.
Airheart 175 calipers for the front. Drums on the back. Would like to run the 10 spoke
ET wheels up front. Years ago I bought a set 12 spoke American mags for $150
and then let them go with the last T-bucket. It was an all metal '15.

susp5.jpg susp13.jpg susp14.jpg
Finally got some tires for the rear. Mickey's 33x19.5 on Centerline Warrior
style 7. 15x14" wide. The fronts are Mickey's 26x7.50 on 4" Centerline's
Wanted the 10 spoke ET's, but maybe next time.

susp9.jpg susp10.jpg susp11.jpg susp12.jpg
Got a god deal on some head lights while in Hannibal. Machined the little
adaptor from stainless. Interesting fact: the box that the lights were in
started out in Lincoln, Nebraska then traveled to Greenleaf, Wisconsin, then
on to Cary, Illinois down to Hannibal, Missouri and finally came to rest in
Cave springs, Arkansas. There was still some newspaper packing material from
The Greanbay Express and the Los Angeles Times(?) Wonder where that came
from? Here are a couple of pics of the drive shaft loupe. Stainless of course.
Is it possible to get a stainless driveshaft somewhere?
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