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Photos of the willys during construction.
Click on the thumbnails for the big picture.

willy01.jpg willy02.jpg willy03.jpg willy04.jpg
This is what it looked like when I brought it home. Did not look too bad on
the outside but the front floor and the firewall had to be replaced. The
lower tailgate section was also rusted. Most all glass was ok.

willy05.jpg willy06.jpg willy07.jpg willy08.jpg
The frame had to be shortened 28" to match the Willys wheel base. This
section was removed from just in front of the rear spring perch. At 6 mpg
I needed a bigger gas tank, so I made a custom 40 gal. fuel cell. Summers
Brothers axles were used in the stock corporate 10 and 14 bolt housings.
Eaton lockers with 5:13 gears front and rear.

willy09.jpg willy10.jpg willy11.jpg willy12.jpg
The engine is a highly reworked 454. It is now a 468 ci bb Chevy. It was moved
back 8" to make room for the radiator. A reworked turbo-400 trans and a
NP-205 transfer case were used. A GMC 671 Blower sure would look good
sticking up through the hood.!!!!!

willy13.jpg willy14.jpg willy15.jpg willy16.jpg
The winch is a 12,00 lb TX2. Great for pulling out stuck Fords and Dodges.
Rear tailgate was welded together to form a one piece unit. Makes for
much easier loading and unloading cargo. Gas struts from a Toyota van are
used to assist in opening. Handle from camper shell is used to open, close
and lock the tailgate. Got bored one weekend and painted the drives shafts
with "STARS and STRIPES"

willy17.jpg willy19.jpg willy20.jpg
Rear fender flares( not shown) were made from trailer fenders to cover the 44"
gumbo monster mudders. It is now sanded and waiting for primer, White
paint with Blue and Pink pinstripping. The last picture says it all.."I Like Trucks"

**** NOTICE ****
Not too long ago I had an unexpected quadruple bypass.
Because of bad insurance and high medical bills I had to
sell the Willys and a few other toys.
Soon I would like to start on "ROTTEN 2"

Rottens '15 Toys and LINKS Big Rotten