8-01-06 added pic of finished c-cab
1-13-05 added pics of the headers
10-12-04 added pic of c-cab about 75% done
04-21-03 added paint and final assembly pictures

You have just entered
Rotten Roberts 1915 C-Cab site

Hannibal 2001 Pics

I got my name back in 1970 with the help of a '31 FORD coupe and an
'ol girlfriend......

Take a chill pill, sit back and relax, this web site is
under construction--- and will be untill my C-Cab is complete
The first half of the web site is about my 1915 C-Cab Delivery and
the second half is about my 1961 Willys Wagon 4x4 "Big Rotten".

I have been interested in street rods for 40+ years.
Some of my past projects have been a '30 Ford Coupe, '31 Ford Coupe, '59 Chev truck
'55 Ford Truck, '49 Willys wagon,'55 Willys Truck(my next project)'78 HarleyLowrider,
several years of oval and figure-8 raceing, a '61 Willys Wagon
AND 'bout a half dozen T-Buckets.

NTBA Nationals at Mountain Home Arkansas, July 2006

This is a picture of the C-Cab and my girl friend "LISA"

HERE IT IS.Should put inserts in the headers--but--
LOUD pipes saves lives!!! The wiring is complete
and now working on the upholstery

If you are really bored and need something strange to look at--here it is.
Even stranger if you click on it.


This is me at my favorite place, by a lathe or mill.
I have been a machinist for more than 30 years now. My hobbies are
streetrods (T-bucket's being my favorite) body building and 4x4's.
I was in VietNam four years, came home in 1969. Studied Mechanical
design engineering in college and have been in that field of work ever since.
In March of 1996, I had a quadruple bypass. Because of bad insurance I was
forced to sell most of my "TOYS". Now that I am back on my feet and
almost out of debt I decided to build this C-Cab. I was
at the Branson 2000 show and all the people I met were very friendly
(and wet). I had been working on the C-Cab off and on for some time
and the NTBA show re-energized my ambition to finish my project.


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